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The Transformation of Claudia Thomas (Hot Flash)


This book was added to our catalog on Friday 04 November, 2011.

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In her early forties Claudia is diagnosed with a fatal illness. She’s desperate to continue caring for her husband and children and takes the decision to become a vampire.

But as a vampire Claudia doesn’t feel the same emotions she did when she was human. No longer caring for her family, she fills two decades with meaningless affairs. But sometimes even the undead can be forced to rethink life. On one ordinary day Claudia is approached by a handsome student, Bryan. Driven for knowledge of vampires, after his parents are murdered by one, Bryan seeks Claudia out. Claudia treats him like she treats all men, she walks away. However, Claudia soon realizes that Bryan is not like the others; she cannot stop thinking about this enigmatic younger man.

Despite their many differences, Claudia has a strange but undeniable attraction for Bryan. Is it truly possible for her to love again?

Author Name: Clarice Clique
Author Bio
ISBN: 978-1-61885-065-2
Cover Artist: Beth Walker
Word Count: 11194

I am a great fan of the work of Clarice Clique and yet again she has not disappointed. This is a hot story with substance. It is beautifully written with well developed characters which draw you in. It is a clever and well thought out play on the vampire genre. It will raise your temperature and I highly recommend this.
Date Added: 11/13/2011 by Dean Gammon


Story Excerpt

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

Claudia looked into the doctor’s eyes. They were kind eyes. They didn’t look like eyes that belonged to the sort of bloodsucking monsters she read about in the trashier magazines. She smiled at him but he didn’t smile back.

“You understand that you’ll never change, for the rest of your life you’ll have the body you have now.” As he spoke, Claudia gazed into his mouth at the sharp points of his perfect, white canines.

“Is that supposed to make me change my mind? Every woman at my age dreads their body changing, and from all these pamphlets you gave me to read, the biting option is a lot less painful, and cheaper, than plastic surgery.” The comment meant to sound light, but he stared at her with a concerned expression.

“What happens in this procedure is not comparable to plastic surgery.”

Claudia attempted a laugh. “I don’t know, you’re going to suck the blood out of me, and a plastic surgeon would suck all the fat out of me. So they are a little similar.”

“Mrs. Thomas, I need to believe that you truly want this. Once you’re transformed, it’s irreversible.”

“Last I heard death was pretty irreversible too.” Claudia’s laugh sounded completely hollow.

“And you will be dead. Have you even thought...?”

“Look,” Claudia interrupted him. “You tell me I have a tumour that you can’t operate on but that the tumour is just going to keep on getting bigger and bigger until I die. I have a husband, children, people who rely on me and who need me. See, there is no choice, this body has to keep working, has to be able to move about, take my children to school, help them with their homework, and hug them when they get scared. Can you understand that?”

“Have you actually read through all the material I gave you? Listen to me now. After the procedure, you may not want to be anywhere near your children. Rejection by you could be more painful for them than going through a normal grieving process. It would not be unusual for you to hate them”

“Stop, right there. I love my family more than life itself. You’re obviously not a parent.”

“I was.”

They stared at each other for a long moment before Claudia turned away.

“I’ve signed the consent forms, I’ve had three sessions with your counsellor, and I’ve passed all the tests you’ve given me. I spoke to the legal people, I spoke to a priest.” Her voice was quiet, but it was too late to have doubts. She had to do this. There were no other options. “Just do it, please. It’s my choice.”

“You’re right. This is your choice.”

The last thing Claudia saw were the kind doctor’s perfect, white canines plunging towards her neck.


Adult Excerpt

With expert fingers, she undid Bryan’s jeans and found his erection. She glanced down at his cock to see it was as thick and long as she imagined in the late night dreams she’d been unable to suppress. In a smooth movement, she sat astride Bryan.

“Wait,” he protested. “Let’s take things slowly. I don’t want to rush.”

Claudia paused. She thought of his hands and lips caressing the whole of her body and it made her want to sigh with pleasure, but she had to keep control.

“I like fucking. I don’t make love. If you have a problem with that, leave now.” As she spoke, she wanked his cock against her clit.

Bryan bit down on his bottom lip.

“Anytime you want me to stop, just say it. Tell me to stop, Bryan, and I will.” She moved his cock lower, teasing it across her cunt.

He stared into her eyes, and she smiled at him, flashing her canines. Bryan put his hands on her waist and pulled her body down onto his groin.

“You want to be fucked, I’ll fuck you.” His fingers gripped her flesh and thrust her up and down on his cock.

Laughing, Claudia arched her back over his legs. “That’s good, sugar, use me as your fuck-toy, use my body to wank your thick cock off.”

Bryan stood, supporting her weight, as she wrapped her legs around him. He bounced her up and down on his cock.

Claudia ripped the front of her top open. “Look at my tits, Bryan. Look at how they move as your big, fat cock fucks me. Suck on my titties, honey. Get oedipal on me, I can be your Sugar Mummy. Fuck knows you’re young enough to be my son, maybe even my grandson if we’re counting my real age.” Claudia laughed and laughed.

Bryan carried her over to the large mirror and rammed her back against it.

“Harder! Fuck me harder. Use all those beautiful, young muscles and fuck me as hard as you can,” Claudia ordered in her firmest voice.

Bryan increased his speed, the sweat pouring down his face. Claudia breathed in his aroma, stronger than ever before.

“You fuck almost as well as a vampire.” Her voice was teasing, but Claudia was feeling something akin to fear. The pleasure was tearing through her body. Whatever the forces were that kept her body talking, walking, and fucking, right now felt pushed to the limit. Everything hurt. It was a good pain. Every nerve felt alive. She wanted to scream, but she held back. She was scared of what all this emotion, this ecstasy would do to her.

“Bite me,” Bryan said.

His voice cut through her orgasms. She looked at him, there were tears mixing with the sweat. She should have smelled them.

“Bite me. Bite me.” He leaned into her neck and bit down on her skin. “Please, bite me.” He bit down harder and harder, across her throat and shoulders.

“Bryan. Stop.”

“I know you want to.” He pulled all but the tip of his cock out then plunged it back into her at the same time he put his mouth over her nipple and clamped his teeth down on the delicate flesh.

Claudia screamed. She threw Bryan off, and he landed with a thump on the floor. She pounced on top of him, her teeth bared, her mind blank. With a snarl, she bit into Bryan’s skin, the warm blood flowing into her mouth. She had no thoughts but felt overcome with a sense of happiness and a feeling that the world was just as it was supposed to be. With a smile, she flicked her tongue over her lips then bent over his body to drink more.





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