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Dariela and the Virgin Soldier


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Calabria is the envy of an entire galaxy because the people are rich, happy and content, and all because of one thing. Sex. So when the neighboring planet of Sarn realizes it’s time to stop warmongering to keep their young men from being killed, they turn to Calabria for guidance. They send a three-man delegation to find out all they can about the Pleasure Palaces of Calabria. Dariela is chosen as the one to show them how life can be with plenty of sex on the menu. One of the three, a resistant soldier, is a true fighting son of Sarn and proud of being a virgin. Dariela knows she has her work cut out convincing him sex is the cure for war, especially when he doesn’t want to be convinced. Will the virgin soldier remain an immovable force? Or will Dariela charm the pants off him?  

Author Name: Gina Blake
Author Bio


Gina Blake originally hails from England but now lives in New Zealand. An award-winning author, she has published several novels as Jean Adams, including a time travel set in ancient Egypt, and several contemporaries.  She is the founder of Romance Writers of New Zealand, now coming up for its 21st year.

Love Slave is the first in a trilogy— Tempest and Dariela each have their own stories.

You can find her at http://www.jeandrew.co.nz

ISBN: 978-1-61885-521-3
Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique
Word Count: 8996


She paced the floor until the hour finally arrived for her to meet the delegation from Sarn. Full of excitement, and inside a swirl of diaphanous white fabric, she opened the door to her bedchamber…

…and gasped. “Oh, my goodness.”

“Something is wrong?” asked the older man.

She could hardly believe her eyes. Before her stood three perfect specimens of virile manhood, of varying ages, and they were all hers for as long as she wanted them.

“No. Everything is very right.”

They wore the short white tunics issued to men by the Pleasure Palace. These were designed to give the women easy access to them.

“Good evening, gentlemen. Oh, but you’re all so handsome. And well built.”

The men, looking a little wary, glanced from one to the other. Clearly they weren’t used to this.

“How do we do this?” the older man of about fifty, asked.

He was tall and distinguished-looking, with a head of thick, dark hair accented with a few silver hairs scattered at his temples.  “Do two wait in another room while one has sex with you?”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Dariela answered with a cheeky grin. “No, two watch while the other does what he needs to do.”

“For what reason?” asked the sour-faced younger one.  Dariela estimated him to be about twenty-eight.

“To keep you primed and ready for action.”

“Huh,” was his only response. Hmm. Looked like he might be difficult to convince.

“And this will be fun for you?” asked the man in the middle. He was about forty, and had a very close cropped haircut.

“Ooh, yes. I’ve laid off sex for a week just so you all can have the benefit.”

The three men looked at each other again. “You enjoy sex?”

“Of course. Why else would I be happy to work here?”

Clearly, they weren’t used to such treatment so she determined to keep it as light as possible. “Gentlemen, we all stay together. At first, two watch the fun and games while one enjoys partaking of the fun and games.”

The stern-faced younger one, whom Dariela reasoned looked like a soldier, folded his arms across his broad chest in defense mode. “This would never be allowed on Sarn.”

“Well, you’re not on Sarn. You’re on Calabria. Here sex is not only tolerated, but it is encouraged as necessary for men’s well-being.”

Her words excited the older man. His eyes seemed to light with an inner fire. “All of us in the same room?”

“Sure. Together keeps you erect and ready for action.”

“I have always secretly longed to watch a couple having sex.”

Dariela smiled and looked into his eyes. “Only watch? Surely you wanted to do it too.”

“Yes, but—you do not think me too old?”

“Certainly not. A man is never too old. You have many years of good, hard sex ahead of you.”

            Noticing that a bulge had already tented his tunic, she smiled. “Ah, I see the idea   interests you.”




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