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Help Me


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Amy is a waitress in a cocktail bar. Her life is going nowhere until the night the man of her dreams walks into her life. He’s everything she wants in a man: big, blond, friendly and extremely sexy. One thing puzzles her. How did he get the nickname Snake? Her mind says it may have something to do with the bulge in his slacks.
One night Snake invites Amy to join him for drinks after work. They torment each other every evening at the bar and it doesn't take long before Snake is showing Amy the reason for his nickname. After a night of unbelievable sex, Snake and Amy quickly become a couple. A fact that makes everyone in their immediate lives angry.
Can they survive jealousy and a murder most foul?
Author Name: Cherie Denis
Author URL: http://wwwcheriedenis.blogspot.com
Author Bio

Cherie and her prince raised two daughters and a menagerie of pets including two guinea pigs (not recommended for small children) in Milwaukee, WI. The daughters grew up and married, leaving Cherie and the Prince empty nesters. After too many cold winters in Wisconsin, Cherie, the Prince, and Cherie’ s mom moved to a suburb of Nashville, TN, where they are all happy as clams.

Being an active member of RWA and the local chapter, Music City Romance Writers, keeps her beyond busy. With the encouragement and help of MCRW and her mom and husband, Cherie has been putting words to paper ever since and has loved every minute of it.

Over the years, Cherie has held many jobs including running her own sewing business and her own cake business. She’s been a doctor’s receptionist, a dental assistant, a pharmacy clerk, had a phone answering service for several clients and many more jobs, all which have given her background for the stories she writes.

Cherie has been fascinated with erotica since she was in middle school and found where her dad hid his Playboy magazines, so it was only natural her favorite subject for her manuscripts would contain erotica.


ISBN: 978-1-936653-81-2
Cover Artist: Beth Walker


MR Review
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars
Reviewer: Alberta

There’s a poem/story that made the internet rounds called I’m only 17. It’s the lament of a dead teen who was killed by a drunk driver, who says, “I can’t be dead, I’m only 17,” and then talks about parents identifying the body, friends crying, a body bag being zipped up, etc. It’s a tear jerker for sure.

Help Me is very reminiscent of this. Amy finds true love with Snake whose nickname is self-evident once he takes down his pants. He has a snake tattoo from his waist down to the tip of his penis. There is some pretty good sex here, but we soon realize that Amy is dead, waiting for her body to be found, hoping against hope that she isn’t really dead, listening to the medics talk about her, seeing Snake’s tears as he bids her goodbye.

She knows who killed her, and is desperate to tell someone so the killers can be brought to justice.

I found this story to be disturbing, in the same way that “I can’t be dead, I’m only 17,” is disturbing. It’s a good story, with compelling characters, but I can’t say I liked it, because I was hoping for it to have a happy ending which it doesn’t.


Story Excerpt

“Good evening, sir. How can I help you tonight?” God. Talk about being subtle. Not!

I’d made it sound like I was offering him my body and anything else he wanted. Open mouth insert

foot. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to throw myself at his feet and beg him to take me home and fuck

me silly.

Deep dimples formed and his eyes sparkled in the dim light. “Are you sure you want to know,


I almost swallowed my tongue. Speechless, I could only nod.

“I’ll have a whiskey sour.” He winked and lowered his voice. I leaned closer to hear the rest. “And,

for dessert, I want you.”

Oh, my god. He wanted me as much as I wanted him.

“That’s right, Amy. I want you,” he whispered, scooting his chair back so I could see his hard-on

pressing against the fly of his khakis.

“Umm.” What could I say? Nice cock? I searched the room. Tamera and Charlie were watching us. I

wish they would look away, because I wanted to run my hand along his impressive length.

I swallowed hard and whispered, “I have to work until two.”

“No problem. I’ll finish my drink and come back for you at closing.” He licked his full lower lip. “Be

prepared to spend the night with me.”

“The whole night?”

“Absolutely. Let me be clear, Amy. I plan to fuck you all night. You’re going to be flying by the time

I’m done with you. I’ll take you to heaven and back.”

Holy cow. He’d put it right out there.

“But,” I whispered. “I don’t even know your name.”

He laughed and scooted his chair back under the table. “They call me Snake."

My mouth dropped open. "Sssnnaakkee?" Oh my god. My mind immediately went to the gift in his


"That's right, Snake. I’ll show you why later tonight.”

My mouth snapped shut. His cock had to be huge to have earned a name like Snake. On second

thought, was it his tongue or his cock? I couldn’t wait to find out.

“If you’re worried and want to check me out with the police. My real name is Randy Cockburn.”

I leaned closer. “You’re kidding?”

“Nope. You wouldn’t believe the crap I had to put up with in grade school and high school. It took

some convincing to get my first date. Once I succeeded to get the date, I was known as the Snake from

then on.” He looked me up and down before settling on my breasts. “Want to find out why?”

I nodded and closed my eyes. Lust, pure, hot, and sinful washed over my body. “Oh, yeah!”

“Good. Keep those naughty thoughts rolling." His hot eyes made me feel like I was the most

luscious chocolate cake he'd ever seen. My knees trembled. "How about my drink, darlin'?

Tamera was grinning like a fool when I ordered his whiskey sour. Man, he is one H-O-T guy. Are

you gonna sleep with him, sugar?

Hell. A woman couldn’t have a secret life around here if she tried. “Yes,” I mumbled, trying not to

giggle. I was as giddy as a teenager about to fuck for the first time. “Oh, my God, yes. He’s huge, Tam.

You wouldn’t believe it. I wouldn't have either if I hadn't seen his cock pressing against his slacks with

my own eyes. It's so big; I can't believe it's for real." I looked around and back at Tamera. "I mean, for all

I know, he could have stuffed his underwear with a piece of iron."

“Yeah, no kidding? It might not be all him. He could be wearing a stuffed sock. Tamera’s eyes were

on Snake.

Oh, he's real. I could see his cock moving. That sucker is huge and it's all him. He’ll probably tear

me end to end.”

“Holy shit,” Tamera whispered in awe. You're kidding, right? No man is that big, honey.

“Oh, yeah!”

“Mmm, maybe I should serve him just to check for myself to see if you're lying.” Tamera grinned,

and her teeth gleamed white and glossy in the lowered light of the bar. “After all, I’m used to great big,

black men and little winky white guys.”

“I thought the size of a black man's cock was rumor?”

Charlie was listening to us and grinning ear to ear. Ass. Let him grin.

Tamera shook her head. “It’s the truth, honey. Black men are big.” She licked her lips. “Real big.”

I shivered and put the drink and a bowl of fresh nuts on my tray. Maybe I should rethink spending

the night with a stranger.

No. I was tired of living like a nun. It had been a long time since I had a man. Life’s too short to

waste wondering if you should have when you could have.

Live it up girl. Live it up, you deserve some fun in your dull life.

I leaned over his table, placing his drink in front of him, trying hard to ignore the fact he still sat

with his chair shoved away from the table and his cock still massive.

“Nice tits. I can’t wait to taste them.” He whispered so low I could barely hear him over the racket

of the jukebox.

My nipples beaded painfully. “Me either.”

“Great nipples. Nice and long. Are they pink or brown?” His husky voice took my breath away and

left me wet and aching.

“Pink,” I managed to gasp the words out.

“Pull down your blouse and let me see.”

“No way. The place is full of people. What will they think?”

“Who gives a shit? Just lower your blouse slowly and no one will notice.” He sipped his drink,

staring straight into my eyes.

I laid my tray on the table and tugged at my blouse, tucking it into my waistband. It was as if he

hypnotized me. I’d never done anything so bold in my life, and I'll admit I've done some pretty out there

things over the years. I furtively checked out the bar. Everyone was busy drinking and talking. I tucked in

my blouse, lowering the neckline until the edge of my areola showed.

“Lower,” he whispered.

I was glad he'd picked a table in the corner, and no one was sitting at the tables near him. I

pretended we were alone and pulled my top until my nipples popped out over the top of the neckline.

"Mmm, dark pink and lickable. I can’t wait to taste them, Amy.”

“Do it now, Snake,” I begged quietly.

“Nope. Gonna make you wait. Waiting's half the fun.” He finished his drink in two gulps and pushed

back his chair. His cock was huge, tenting his slacks. “I’ll see you later, baby. Make sure you’re nice and

hot and wet for me.”

He was gone and my nipples were still hanging out of my top. I was hot all over and so aroused I

simply didn’t care.

I pulled my top back into place and went back to the bar as if nothing had happened. Tamera met

me with a knowing smile.


“Holy shit–yes. I can’t wait.”


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