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The Office Bulge


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Justine is at the most boring conference in the world in a hotel from the 1970s with its décor falling apart. The only bright spot on the horizon is Julian, her sexy boss, the man who fills a suit like no other. Soon she finds out her colleague Michael has designs on Julian too and wants to rope Justine in to seducing him that very night. Justine has no idea which way Julian swings. She’s intimidated by her boss but Michael has balls enough for both of them…

Author Name: Scarlet Blackwell
Author Bio
ISBN: 978-1-61885-505-3
Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique
Word Count: 5007


Julian Saunders sent her a little glare, even though people were still taking their seats. A hard arse about punctuality, like everything else, he was anal to the point of obsession over time keeping. She looked away, refusing to rise to the bait.

But her boss was the only reason worth coming to this conference. He was the only reason to get up for work in the morning.

She stole a sly glance at his chiselled profile, watching lush lashes blinking over one sapphire blue eye. Justine swallowed, wetting her lips. Her gaze slid down her boss’s hard body in its immaculately tailored pinstriped suit. His shirt collar was pristine white against his creamy skin. The cuffs carried studded links that looked like real diamonds. She didn’t doubt they were. After all, he earned a six figure sum and drove a Ferrari.

She liked to think her fascination for him wasn’t about the size of his wallet but the size of something else. Her eyes dropped lower. He lounged in his chair with knees apart, jacket open; the bulge in his snug pants obvious. Justine’s gaze lingered.

People at work talked about The Office Bulge in reverential tones. Women asked the men if they’d ever stood next to Julian at the urinal. No one ever had, or maybe they just didn’t want to gossip about their boss. Sometimes, when talking with her in his office, Julian would perch on his desk in front of her. Almost at eye level with his groin, she’d try not to look, and flush helplessly when she did.

As someone brushed against her knee, she tore herself away reluctantly.

“Hey.” Her colleague, Michael, dropped into the seat between her and Julian.

“Hi, Michael.” Justine rubbed suddenly damp palms over her skirt. She crossed her legs and noticed Julian lean past Michael to take in the curve of her calves.

Dressed like this was how her boss recognised her. When he’d seen her in the lobby in jeans and trainers, he’d done a double take as though not sure who she was. She’d felt dowdy, conspicuous and longed for the glamour of her suit. Now she revelled in his gaze. She’d never caught him looking at her like this before. If this was sexual harassment she welcomed it.

Julian lifted his eyes to hers. For a moment he regarded her, his handsome face inscrutable before he looked away.

Michael raised an eyebrow at her. Justine blushed, then fanned her face with the conference’s program.

God, the things that man did to her. She fantasised about Julian. All sorts of stuff: asking her to work late, just the two of them, calling her into his office and punishing her for some transgression, face down over his desk.

She wondered sometimes how she could look Julian in the eye with some of the thoughts she had about him.

A squeal of feedback announced the first speaker. The lights grew dim and Justine cast another secretive glance at Julian. He stared straight ahead; like the man currently presenting on growth trends in the company’s new brand of luxury pâté cat foods was the most exciting thing he’d ever heard.

Justine stifled a sigh. She looked at Michael and noticed he wasn’t paying attention. Indeed, his glance was fixed where Justine’s had previously been—riveted on Julian’s crotch.



“I’ve been wanking over him for months.” Michael looked blasé. “I think about his cock in my arse from morning till night.”

Justine stared at him.

“One time I was in a cubicle rubbing one out and he’s having a wee outside. Just the sound of him pissing was enough to make me come my brains out. In fact, I thought about him pissing on me and nearly screamed the place down.”

Justine was wide-eyed, her face hot. “You’re unbelievable,” she said admiringly.

He shrugged. “Think everyone in that office doesn’t feel the same? They fucking do, they just haven’t got the balls to admit it. Once I imagined all of us taking action at the same time. Dragging him out of his office, throwing him over one of our desks, holding him down while we took turns sucking his cock and fucking his arse.”

Justine shook her head. “I really wouldn’t want to see Alan from accounts in an orgy with Julian.”

Michael grinned, spinach stuck between his incisors. “Yeah okay, not him.”

“You’ve given it a lot of thought though.”

“Yes, I have. I’m obsessed.” Michael’s gaze strayed across the room to where Julian stood chatting politely to Russell. “I don’t even know if he’s gay.”

Justine selfishly hoped Julian wasn’t of course, but didn’t want to deflate Michael’s ardour. “He might swing both ways,” she offered.

“I can share him,” Michael said nonchalantly. “What say you and me get him drunk this evening and seduce him?”

Justine gaped. “You’re serious?”

“Of course.”

“But… what if he doesn’t want it? What if he has us up for sexual harassment?”

“Come on,” Michael said scornfully. “Think a man like that doesn’t want it twenty-four seven? Look at him, he’s practically begging for it.”

Justine regarded Julian, who was bent over talking to someone in an armchair, his jacket riding up and his pants stretched over the firmest, ripest arse she had ever seen.

Michael smacked his lips. “Fuck, I could stick it right in the teasing little prick now, in front of all these people.”

Justine laughed but Michael had said enough to stir her in shameful ways. She’d never seen two men go at it before. But pretty Michael and dynamite Julian would make a scorching pair. She pressed her thighs together, a little throb between them.

Michael got up. “Fudge cake for dessert,” he said, fastening his jacket over the tent in his pants.

Justine tried to get a grip. She wasn’t sure how she was going to get through the rest of the day with the wicked thoughts Michael had planted in her head. Of course, she would never have the nerve to go through with his wild idea, unless a bottle of wine was involved, but she found alcohol tended to take the edge off her libido. She would never be able to seduce Julian sober though. He was just too…unreachable; a fantasy, nothing more.

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