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Dream Lover


This book was added to our catalog on Monday 01 August, 2011.

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Prince Devlin is a fearsome vampire warrior, heir to the throne, and leader of the infamous Omega Force Fleet. Devlin is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and in the bedroom—a real player. That is until he lays eyes on his betrothed Tankura. She is all he never knew he wanted in a mate. The Sexual intensity of their passion threatens to consume then both in an abyss of ecstasy.

A forced marriage nether of them wanted, a sexual bond so strong that neither of them could deny. Devlin battles to hold on to his heart, while Tankura is determined to steal his very soul. Can Devlin transform from Tankura’s "Dream Lover" in to the mate of her fantasies?

Author Name: Topaz Jordyn
Author URL: http://www.topazjordyn.com
Author Bio

Author Topaz Jordyn resides in New Jersey with her husband and children (three girls, and a
boy). Topaz Jordyn has been a fan of erotic paranormal for too many years to count. It was only
a matter of time before she tried her hand at writing a novel herself. You might say it's in her
blood. Dream Lover: Chronicles of the Vampire Society Vol. 1 is the introduction novel into the
world of fantasy she has created. She considers herself to be multifaceted, and she wears so
many hats it makes her head spin. She has a very vivid imagination. So step into her world of
fantasy, and enjoy the ride.

Dream Lover is the first novel in the CVS series. Look out for other books in this series: Tanar's
Forbidden Love book 2, and Sempred book 4 (soon to be released).


ISBN: 978-1-61885-000-3
Cover Artist: Beth Walker

Dream Lover Book Reviews


Reviewed by Melissa Kammer/Novel Talk

Topaz Jordyn has laid the groundwork for what could be an exciting series.  The story starts off fast and draws me in. I cannot deny the chemistry and passion that flares between

DREAM LOVER starts with a slow simmer, then builds in intensity, and finally boils over leaving
the reader ready for more.  I am interested to see where Ms. Jordyn is taking this next.  

3 1/2 stars

Imaginative paranormal romance with enormous potential!
Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club


Dream Lover is futuristic romance with a wonderful mix of the paranormal!

This story has many key elements that make it fascinating and exciting. I especially found the subplots absorbing. I would eagerly read books that continue this series?! This is a story/series that has enormous potential and I would like to read more from this author!


From: A. Ferguson (San Diego Erotic Examiner)
Rating: 4

Welcome to another erotic book review. Today I present to you
Dream Lover by Topaz Jordyn

Dream Lover by Topaz Jordyn is a good start to a new Vampire

The story itself pulled me in and wrapped itself around me to the point that I could not stop reading. The story was complex enough to hold my interest.

Their love story is beautiful. And the sex between the two is hot. So hot that I had to have my fan on while reading. The things Devlin did to her should be illegal in 49 states. He is wicked, dirty and one hot vampire!

Bottom line I give the book a 4. The story has a lot going for it. I want more and the way it ended (which ticked me off, but in a good way!) it is definitely part of a series, which is a good thing. I am excited to get more from this author. Don’t let this one pass you by!


From: Literary Nymphs Reviews

Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amazon Nymph

Dream Lover is actually a good suspense story. As the story progressed, I got wrapped up in the politics of the Vampire Society. The heat generated by the two of them requires ice water and fans constantly. 


From: Paranormal Romance
Reviewed By: Missy Brown

Paranormal Romance, Dream Lover a Must Read!!!

"Another Twist on the Vampire Lore!"

With well written love scenes, and attention to detail, I found Dream Lover a very action packed, interesting read. With a different take on the vampire lore, I am interested to see where she takes this series next. If you like strong vampire characters, hot love scenes and fast paced action then this book is a must read!


From: Mocha's Erotic Review

Rating : Moist Kitty Kat

Topaz Jordyn created a world of shadow dwellers and muscle bound alpha males. Full of intrigue and deceit a good written story.


****4 Cherries!!!

From: Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews
*Reviewer: Amaranth check out review :

Topaz Jordyn has put a new spin on vampires in her book, Dream Lover. She has created an imaginative and thoroughly interesting
vampire society and a wonderful storyline, filled with strong and admirable characters. When Devlin and Tankura meet, the explosion of passion is extraordinary between these two strong-willed characters.

Dream Lover has a well-thought out and very complex storyline. Overall, this book was interesting and, as I mentioned before, gave a whole new, interesting spin on vampires. If you enjoy hot passion, fast-paced action, and very strong vampire characters, then this book would be a great read for you.


****4 Pixies

From: Dark Angel Review
Reviewed By: Manda

The characters are well thought-out and Topaz Jordyn uses them to tell her story well.

Jordyn delivers a tantalizing first novel with Dream Lover. 


*****Five Roses!!!

From: the Romance Erotica Connection
*Reviewer: Christian Otto check out the review:

I truly enjoyed reading this book! Ms. Jordyn has created a very interesting setting for her novel that is different to the one you find in the “normal” vampire novels. In addition, she has created a set of characters that are alive and vibrant. Oh, and the sex is so hot that a few times I was afraid the pages would start burning.

I am excited to see what comes next in the Chronicles of the Vampire Society series, and I have no doubt that it will be as captivating as this one. There are so many hints to even more fantastic developments in this series like… No, I won’t tell you! Go and read it for yourself.


***** Five Stars!!!

If you thought the blurb for this one was HOT wait till u get a hold of the full story behind Devlin and Tankura. Topaz Jordyn has given us a throwin' the gauntlet down story of two head strong people, with nuclear chemistry, super nova sex and forces outside their control causing all kinds of mayhem. Topaz Jordyn is a force of nature people, and this one goes into my collection under: Sittin' on a block of ice in my living room to cool down while I read it and read it again. I look forward to more of this series.

Reviewed L. Howell



Adult Excerpt

Tankura continued to make long, graceful strokes in the water. Suddenly, she seemed to sense a pair of eyes on her. She turned and looked toward the shore. Once their eyes locked, all else was forgotten, and their bodies called to each other like magnets. Entranced, his feet walked into the water; he would have walked through the fires of hell to claim her as his own.

Tankura glided through the water towards him in seductive fluid motions. His hands reached for her, his hard smooth muscles touching her flawless skin. His strong arms picked her up, carrying her out of the water. She shivered with raw untamed passion.

As he held her tightly in his arms, his eyes watched her with fascination, as her eyes grew darker, becoming deep pools of violet. His breathing labored he laid her on a soft patch of grass under a huge tree just off the bank of the lake. Devlin sat on his hunched, and saw her hair splayed out beneath her like a blanket of black silk.

The faint sound of the water washing up on shore could be heard, as he scanned her face, taking in her tan, sun-kissed skin still wet and glistening; her beautiful long, dark, seductive lashes; her small pert nose, her full, kissable mouth. When she parted her lips he glimpsed even, white teeth with a perfect set of magnificent fangs. She licked her lips in anticipation, making him long to taste her sweetness.

Damn, he was straight shook, lost in this goddess’s violet eyes. His body vibrated with need, as he caught the scent of her arousal. The scent of her was so strong, so good. The scent of her alone would make a male lose his fucking sanity. On his knees he crawled to her, smelling passion all over her.

The sweetness of her mouth called to him, and he dived in. Taking her mouth in a searing kiss, the flavor of her essence caused him to groan. Their mouths fused together, as he sucked at her tongue and traced her fangs with the tip of his tongue. She tasted like honey and cream, his favorite. As he held tight to his arousal, and feeling the animal in him close to the surface. The beast that roared to come out would be too rough with her; she was too gentle, too soft. Tankura groaned in frustration, whimpering and moaning into his mouth. The swell of her breasts grazed his chest. His lips moved down to her neck sucking, kissing, licking, and biting her gently as her whimpers and moans grew louder.

His hand came up to fondle her breasts. She arched into his touch, her breast fitting perfectly in his hand. His finger gently pulled and rubbed her nipples, going from rough to gentle, until they puckered with pleasure. Removing his hand, and replacing it with his mouth. Tankura’s eyes grew wide at the new sensations running through her body.

Soft hips bucked and rotated like they had a mind of their own. His tongue showed no mercy as he suckled her like a newborn babe starving for its first meal. While he feasted on her breasts, he let his left hand roam down her soft flat belly. Spreading his fingers wide, he massaged the smooth skin of her belly and hips.

Tankura pleaded for him not to stop, grabbing at his hair, running the softness through her hands. His fingers finally touched upon the soft delicate curls at her woman’s center. His manhood grew as he felt her silky fluid cover his fingers. Just the thought of her soft folds encasing his shaft made his hand shake as his thumb massaged her soft folds.

Finding her clit, he teased the small jewel masterfully, making it swell with his touch. Tankura began to pump her hips as she cried out with her climax. The feel of her dewy sweetness coated his fingers once again. A smile of pure pleasure crossed his face, as he watched her sexual climax take over.

The scent of her came to him in a rush. His nostrils flaring, his tongue had to taste her in the place his fingers had just been. His hand still between her thighs, with wanting he watched the pleasure cascade across her face. His male pride had him feeling cocky. He had rocked her world, and he sure as hell was not finished with her yet. His fingers continued to massage her clit mercilessly, making her crazy with need. As he removed his fingers from between her thighs, licking and sucking them clean of her nectar. Umm, she tastes so damn good.

His hand came back to her breast, which were still taut from the attention of his mouth. Her nipples turning into pebbles, Tankura lay beneath him, still eager for the attention from his mouth and hands. His head moved down her body, tracing his tongue across her belly. As he moved closer to her woman’s core, he felt her curls brush his chin as his mouth descended.

As he took her, claimed her with his mouth, tongue, and teeth. Tankura screamed and lifted her hips, spreading her legs wide in an attempt to get his tongue deeper inside her heat. She began to shiver and convulse. With precise movement he made sure to catch every ounce of her sweetness, licking her like an ice cream cone. Loving her flavor, he continued to lap at her folds. What happened next was unbelievable, he never knew what hit him. As the orgasm took hold of Tankura, she released in a sexual eruption. The scent of her, the taste her was so overpowering it made his control slip. His fangs dropped and he bit her inner thigh. Causing her to explode he tasted her blood on his tongue relishing the taste for a moment. Before he moved back to her core sucking on her clit and lapping at her release, he groaned as if in pain; his manhood demanded release. His only thought was sinking his swollen shaft deep into her softness. The feel of her juices on his chin and face had him snaking his tongue out and licked his face from nose to chin, not missing a drop of her delicious fluid. His form rose above her, bringing one knee between her thighs and spreading them wider. Leaning over her, placing his long hard shaft at the entrance of the place he wanted to stay forever. The warmth of her welcomed him in, calling to him. His body eased in, trying to take it slow.

His body had other ideas, and he pushed his manhood in farther, and he found the barrier that made him grunt with male pride and satisfaction. Knowing he was the first and the only one to taste of her sweet nectar was just too much. As he tore her maidenhead, she whimpered with brief discomfort. His engorged rod filled her to the hilt, and her body welcomed him into her warmth. The discomfort passed quickly, leaving a beautiful, building tension.

The feel of her muscles tighten around him. That drove him crazy with need, thrusting, grinding, and pumping into her for all he was worth. Animal instinct kicked in, and he marked his territory with his scent, as his and his alone. His climax came on strong, as his seed into her womb, convulsing, pumping hard and fast. His body lay on top of her, trying not to crush her with his weight, loving the feel of her skin against his own.

The overwhelming need to stay with her forever, a feeling of true earth-shattering contentment. Opening his eyes, and he groaned with frustration. The connection severed. Tankura was gone, and he was still hard as a rock—sweating, panting, in desperate need of relief. Getting up he opened the balcony doors, trying to catch a cool breeze. It did not help to ease his pain. His only recourse, he took a cold shower, and still it did not help.

With no relief insight he went down to the gym and worked out, running on the treadmill trying to outrun his desire, hoping that would ease his body’s aroused state. The sexual intensity felt had somewhat subsided, but as soon as he thought of that golden temptress with the violet eyes, he was lost. The knowledge that she would soon be his forever filled his body with wonderful sensations. There was a demanding urgency, and he could not wait to take her to his bed, for real.

To have her in a dream was not enough. The need to feel her flesh on flesh was the only thing that would feed this hunger. But until after the wedding, he would only be able to visit her in her mind and show her the things he would do to her for the rest of eternity. To make love to her and brand her as my woman. Mine, he thought with a possessive, devilish smile. How would she feel when she realized her dream lover and her husband were one and the same?


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