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Bobby Does Dallas


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 Bobby Stewart is a man of many talents. He can ride a bull, catch a football and please a woman – it’s all in a day's work for one of the most eligible bachelors in the Texas Hill Country. He's wanted by the Dallas Cowboys and half the female population of the Lone Star State. But one stormy night, he meets Cecile Fairchild and she turns his world upside down. Bobby falls head-over-spurs for this 'older' woman, who he pursues as hard as a defensive lineman out to sack the quarterback. Come with Bobby as he takes Dallas by storm and shows Cecile he's one hot-hunky-Cowboy who just won't give up on love.




Author Name: Sable Hunter
Author URL: http://www.sablehunter.com
Author Bio

Sable Hunter writes erotic romances that run the gamut from cowboys to New Orleans witches
to Texas good old boys that play football one day and ride bulls the next.  She grew up in south
Louisiana along the mysterious bayous where the Spanish moss hangs thick over the dark
waters.  The culture of Louisiana has shaped her outlook on life and has made its way into her
paranormal romances where the supernatural is entirely normal.   Presently, Sable lives in
Texas and spends most of her time in wild and wonderful Austin.  I
n the spring, her home sits in a field of bluebonnets.   

While writing takes up a lot of her time, Sable also loves to cook Cajun, Creole and Tex-Mex.  
She is passionate about animals and has been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull
to a family of racoons.  For fun, Sable has been known to haunt cemeteries and battlefields
armed with night vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond
the grave.She writes for Secret Cravings Publishing and has several books coming out in the
next year.  


ISBN: 978-1-61885-360-8
Word Count: 77686


Bobby Stewart is a man of many talents. He can ride a bull, catch a football and please a woman – its all in a day’s work for one of the most eligible bachelors in the Texas Hill Country. He’s wanted by the Dallas Cowboys and half the female population of the Lone Star State. But one stormy night, he meets Cecile Fairchild and she turns his world upside down. Bobby falls head over spurs for this ‘older’ woman, who he pursues as hard as a defensive lineman trying to sack the quarterback. Come with Bobby as he takes Dallas by storm and shows Cecile that he’s one hot-hunky-Cowboy who just won’t give up on love.





Bobby Does Dallas is book three in the Hill Country Hears Series, and it goes back even before book one to tie together the whole series. We get to see a lot of the situations from the first two books from both Bobby and Cecile’s points of view. It is a great way of bringing all the stories together.

Bobby has it all he is the star football player and a championship bull rider. I mean as a Texas boywhat more could you ask for?? Oh yeah the endless women throwing themselves at him.. The endless meaningless hookups are starting to just be stale, but all that changes when he runs into this sexy woman on the side of the road. Who would have thought wrecking your truck would lead you to your soul mate??

The night Cecile hits the end of her limits with her ass of a husband and asks for a divorce she runs into Bobby in the woods leading up to his home/bed n breakfast. They share an amazing kiss, but she runs off thinking she would never see him again. When she comes back to the B&B for her best friend Annalise’s wedding, she is shock to be greeted at the door by “her Bobby”.

Bobby is one persistent man!! He has to not only talk Ceelee into giving them a chance. He also has to convince her that their age differences don’t matter. Ceelee has so many issues left over from her marriage, but can Bobby convince her that the things her ex filled her brain with are not true?? And can he convince her that they could have more than a couple weeks fling??

I absolutely loved this book and series!! I love how we got to see the parts of the other stories from their points of view. I really like that Ceelee is an older woman (if you can call 30 old.. YIKES … I hope not). I love the man that Bobby is!! He truly fights for Ceelee!! This is a great read!!! Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I have!!!





Bobby Does Dallas by Sable Hunter
Series: Hill Country Heart (# 3)
Release Date: August 29, 2012
Publisher:  Secret Cravings Publishing
Pages: 211
Source:  Publisher

Bobby Stewart is a man of many talents. He can ride a bull, catch a football and please a woman – it’s all in a day’s work for one of the most eligible bachelors in the Texas Hill Country. He’s wanted by the Dallas Cowboys and half the female population of the Lone Star State. But one stormy night, he meets Cecile Fairchild and she turns his world upside down. Bobby falls head-over-spurs for this ‘older’ woman, who he pursues as hard as a defensive lineman out to sack the quarterback. Come with Bobby as he takes Dallas by storm and shows Cecile he’s one hot-hunky-Cowboy who just won’t give up on love.


Review: Bobby Does Dallas is the third book in the Hill County Heart series by Sable Hunter. While I do not feel it is necessary to have read the first two, because this story actually starts before Book 1 and runs alongside Book Two at points and I was really intrigued by what I was reading about the other characters, I did put it down temporarily to read Book One and re-read Book Two. While I loved how this story did start before the others and it was great to get another character’s perspective of the first two books, at times it felt a bit repetitive.

Lately it seems like a lot of my story choices have involved insecure heroes or heroines whose self-esteem and confidence levels have been torn to shreds by those closest to them. This story was no different. For an older woman, Cecile was a bit on the naïve side but this can be blamed fully on her ex. He transferred his feelings of inadequacy over to her in an effort to make himself feel better about his “shortcomings” (pun intended!).

Bobby is the perfect hero, a young stud with an extremely bright future before him. He was a pivotal force in Cecile’s life. He was patient, tender and seemed to make it his mission in life to build Cecile back up and make her feel good about herself. He did have skeletons in his closet that attempted to come back and haunt him but the way he handled himself during these trying times really reflected what a strong, incredible man he really was.

The only setback I had with the story was that towards the end I felt like I was in a major time warp. Perhaps I just somehow skipped over an extremely relevant portion of the story somewhere along the way but I was under the impression we were still back in the time period where the main story took place only to blink and realize it was about a year later. While I was able to reorient myself to the story again in a short time, I did feel a significant portion of the story was missing.

All in all, despite the time warp, I greatly enjoyed this third book in the Hill Country Heart series and Ms. Hunter has definitely made her way on to my auto buy list.





Story Excerpt

“Next up is Bobby Stewart,” the announcer’s voice came booming over the loud speaker. The raucous rodeo crowd immediately grew silent. Most of them had come just to see this particular cowboy ride. He was a favorite on the circuit. “Stewart’s in first place, ladies and gentleman. This young man is a senior at the University of Texas where he plays football for the Longhorns. Bobby is a big man to be a bull rider. At six-foot-four inches and two-hundred-fifty pounds, Bobby makes the bulls work for their living.”

The women in the audience were on their feet, all of them wanted to catch a glimpse of the handsome cowboy. The unseen man in the booth continued his introduction of Bobby's ride. “We’ve got a record crowd tonight, folks. Everyone is eager to see if young Stewart can be the rider to master the brutal Rock Star. No cowboy has managed to successfully stay on this monster bull for the full eight seconds. He's put seven men in the hospital, the rest of them on their keister. Rock Star hasn't been conquered in eight years.”

Bobby sat on the hulking, gray Brahman bull listening to the broadcaster build up the crowd's interest in his ride. Everyone knew this was for big money. Many people wanted him to succeed and there were a few that would love to watch him fall flat on his ass. He, for one, voted for coming out of this alive. Squeezing his legs around the heaving sides of the bull, he knew that the moment the chute opened, the angry animal would become a tornado of deadly hooves and horns.

The crowd was holding their breath. Bobby did his normal ritual, whispering the familiar scripture from memory. “Fear not, for I am with you;, be not dismayed, for I am your God;, I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” As the last word left his lips, the chute opened and Bobby's world went into overdrive. Rock Star was two thousand pounds of explosive energy. With vicious, violent twists the huge bull launched himself into the air and slung his entire body weight first to the left and then to the right. Bobby instinctively moved with the bull, knowing that the only way he would stay on this perfect storm would be if he didn’t fight the formidable force of nature. Letting his mind become perfectly still, Bobby became an extension of the bull’s body. He didn't fight the pitch and roll of the vicious animal, but anticipated the direction that Rock Star would lunge and went with it. It was wild—eight seconds of soul-jarring, body-wrenching, mind-blowing adrenaline rush. One of the reasons that he did this death-defying, dangerous sport was simple. After riding a demon like Rock Star, Big 12 football was a cakewalk. 

Adult Excerpt

    “I’ve missed you, Bobby.”

    “Missing you is a mild way to put it. I haven’t breathed since we’ve been apart.” He walked up to her slowly. His manhood got to her a couple of seconds before the rest of him did; she had never seen him so fully engorged. With a soft touch, she caressed the hard shaft, marveling that in a few moments it would be wholly contained within the aching depths of her body.

    He lifted up her hair, cupping his hands behind her neck and captured her mouth in a deep, searing kiss that had her clit peeking out of its hood and begging for attention. “Hmmmm, baby. Your lips are so sweet.” With hungry hands he soothed all over her body, from shoulder to hand, from neck to the cleavage that seemed to fascinate him so. In a move she wasn’t expecting, he knelt at her feet and ran his hands up under her gown, caressing her legs from ankles to hip. “I’ve dreamed about touching you for months, Ceelee. It’s been almost a year!” He laughed. “Jaidon’s proof of that, a year since I touched you, a year since I sucked your nipples, a year since I pushed my cock into the haven of your body.” He pressed his forehead into her abdomen and just inhaled her scent. “God, I want all of you. I’m overwhelmed. I’ve got to slow down. If I don’t, I’m gonna explode just from touching your skin.”

    Cecile held out her hand. “Come with me. We’ve got all night. Let me give you some relief.” She guided him to sit on the bed and lean back against the headboard. He watched with fire in his eyes as she skimmed the gown over her head leaving her nude. “I’ve never done this before, but I bet I can figure it out.” Joining him on the bed, she backed up to him, straddling his legs and spreading her thighs, giving him full access to her womanhood. “Guide him in; I’m more than ready for you.”

    “I’m being selfish. I’ve done nothing to ready you or prepare you. But, hell, I’ve been celibate for almost nine months and my control is gone. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

    As she sank down onto his iron-hard cock, the relief of his invasion was unspeakable. “Nothing to make up,” she gasped. “I want this more than you do.”

    “Seriously doubting that.” Bobby groaned at the tight, wet heaven that welcomed him. “Sinking into you is like being massaged by warm, whipped cream. Do you know what this position is called, Ceelee?” He held on to her hips while she proceeded to try and ride him into insanity.

    “Wonderful?” She didn’t have her full wits about her, all she wanted to do was grind her pussy down on his groin and whimper.

    “It’s a reverse cowgirl. Fittin’ huh?” He pulled her back against his chest and angled her so he could drive her crazy with short hard jabs.

    “It fits just fine,” she let her head rest on his shoulder. “Touch my breasts, please?” She was beyond being embarrassed about begging, her whole body was about to go up in flames.

    “Oh, yeah!” he breathed into her ear. “Two handfuls of delight.” He lifted and molded them, massaging the pink areolas and pulling on the nipples.

    Darts of ecstasy shot through her at his welcome attention to her breasts. But when milk started coating his fingers, she stiffened—not knowing how he was going to react. “Sorry,” she whispered.

    Bobby bit her on the neck and ground his cock up harder and deeper. “That’s the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever seen.” He licked the milk off of his fingers. “If that didn’t belong to my baby boy, I’d give my eyeteeth to have a taste.”

    “There’s plenty for both of you.” She wanted to say more to him, she really did, but it felt so good. When he moved one hand down to rub on her clit she lost it, just flat lost it. “Bobby!” she screamed as her world exploded. He held her tight as she quaked and jerked in his arms.

    “Lord, I missed this. Your little pussy is hugging my cock and fluttering around me, Sweet Jesus, baby, you are unbelievable!” Bobby didn’t let up in his piston-like movements. With constant touches, he rubbed her body, fondled her breasts and led her from satisfaction back to full arousal. “I can’t get enough of you.”

    Cecile laughed. “Don’t get me wrong. I love it. But, you’ve never talked this much when we made love.”

    Bobby laughed too. And his answer brought tears to her eyes. “I can’t help it, Ceelee. I’m just so happy to be here. I can’t hush.” With one strong movement of his body, he propelled them down in the bed so that they were lying flat. She was still impaled on his cock, but now she was lying back on his body, fully supine. “Hold on, honey. This is my grand finale.” He lifted his legs so his knees were bent, giving him greater ability to move his hips. Grasping her breasts, he bucked his hips and carried her on a ride to the stars. “I love you. I love you. I love you,” he chanted in her ear as their orgasms crashed in a simultaneous wave of rapture.

    They cuddled and they whispered, but soon they lay still just enjoying holding one another again. Cecile lay on her side. She rubbed his chest in a movement of contemplation and contentment. His eyes were still closed and his breathing was just now settling down to something near normal. She wanted to ask him what the future held for them, but she bit her tongue. That would come, or it wouldn’t. Placing one kiss in the center of his chest, she vowed not to pressure him. He talked like he wanted to be a part of her and Jaidon’s life, but Bobby was young, handsome and had the world by the tail. It wouldn’t be fair of her to make any demands.

    To her right, the baby monitor let her know that somebody wasn’t happy. “I bet he’s wet. I’ll be right back.” She slipped from the bed, grabbed her robe, and headed to the nursery. Footsteps falling behind her let her know that Bobby was right behind her.

    “Let me do it. I need to learn.” He had hastily pulled on his pants, determined not to be left out. She helped him gather everything he needed and showed him how to lower the side of the crib so he could change his first diaper.

    It was so sweet, Jaidon was so small and Bobby was so big. His hands dwarfed the baby’s legs and Jaidon was in a kicking, squirming mood. “I’m gonna hog-tie you, boy,” Bobby started playing with his son. “I’ve wrestled steers to the ground. I think I can handle a tiny mite like you.”

    Cecile wasn’t so sure. When he took the diaper off and was met with a fountain of little-boy wee-wee spurting up at him, she thought she would die laughing.

    “What in tarnation!” Bobby covered the erupting geyser with the diaper and looked at Cecile in horror. “Did you know they would do that?”

    She couldn’t answer for laughing. Every time he moved the diaper, Jaidon let loose with another spurt. If he wasn’t so young, she would have thought that he was playing a joke on his pop. “Yes. When he takes a notion to go, you have to cover him up and get out of the way.”

    Bobby stood to one side and lifted the corner of the diaper warily. “You little bugger, you.” He got rid of the dirty diaper in the pail and then set out to clean and change him. She had to help with the diaper alignment, but Bobby caught on quickly. And when he bent over and began blowing raspberries on Jaidon’s stomach, Cecile lost her heart forever. She was so happy she could burst. It felt like nothing could come between them or take away this joy.

    She was wrong.



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