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Reindeer Games - Comet


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Gabriel “Comet” Marrisco is blessed with good looks, has a great career as a veterinarian and has a lovely wife named Shelba however, in December, he’s obligated to take off and be part of Santa’s Sleigh Team of Reindeer. Because of his deal with Father Christmas, he must make a regular human’s Christmas better than the last and grant a wish.

Denny Brothers, well respected charity worker, young, handsome, and unfortunately socially inept is searching for a boyfriend. Denny has never had a man and Father Christmas has asked Comet to find him a date and assist him in falling in love with someone else. However, Denny has a crush on Comet and the feelings are mutual. Will Comet be able to find him a mate when he wants him for himself? His very livelihood depends on his decision.

Author Name: Rawiya
Author Bio
ISBN: 978-1-61885-458-2
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Word Count: 11245

Story Excerpt


Gabriel bit his bottom lip and breathed a deep sigh. “What is it this year, Pops? Save someone from committing suicide? Reuniting a family for the holiday?” Those he’d done several times before. Really he wanted a new task for this Christmas just to make the pain of being away from Shelba and his beloved doggies worthwhile.

“No, Comet. I want you to find Denny a mate, that’s what. I’ll leave those jobs to the other reindeer.”

Gabriel caught his fiery red gaze and sulked. “Sir, really? I mean…”

“What’s wrong? I thought you’d want to help Denny find someone. Don’t you think he’s been alone long enough?” Santa unbuttoned his jacket and took the seat next to him. He took another sip of his beverage.

“Yeah, he has but…I don’t…” Gabriel couldn’t let Santa know about his feelings for Denny.

“You don’t what, Comet? You know the deal. You must do as you’re told or I take your powers away. You won’t be able to control shifting any longer and will be at the mercy of your interior emotions. The reindeer will want to show itself. Sing, dance, and prance around like a ballerina in the nutcracker.” He laughed and held onto his large belly.

Gabriel cringed at the thought. He only wanted to sing and dance when he and Shelba hit the clubs. Frantically, he waved his hands and shook his head. “No, c’mon, Santa. I don’t want that. You know how many good things I do at this clinic every day? When people see that, they’ll be ready to put me away in the crazy house and throw away the key.” Gabriel shuddered just thinking of it. He sensed the color leaving his face.

“Well, if you don’t want that, you’ll find the boy a lover. And you’ve got a week to do it. I want him to have someone in time for that charity dance, you hear?” Santa hopped off the desk and struggled to re-button his jacket. “I thought you wanted Denny to be happy. I got that from you when I observed the two of you talking earlier.”


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