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Blood Moon


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Anya Pettrucelli visits the new club, Blood Moon, where she meets Edgar Mayes, a handsome, charismatic man. The sparks fly immediately between them, and she leaves the club with him. When the club closes, the staff finds the decapitated body of a woman in the dumpster, and they call the police. The next morning, Anya’s parents put out a missing person’s bulletin for her, and Anya discovers that Edgar is a vampire. She meets the stunningly handsome Detective Vance Gainer when he questions her about the club and the body. Follow Anya’s journey through the murders, as she tries to decide if her new romantic partner is involved in the killings. Can she prove his innocence? Or is he in fact guilty? Follow Anya on her harrowing journey to discover the killer.

Author Name: Raven Lynx
Author Bio

Born and raised in New England, the author now lives in Lawton, Oklahoma with her family. Her husband is active duty military, currently deployed in Afghanistan, slated to return home soon. Raven Lynx has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Maine, Orono, Maine, and has been writing poetry and fiction since she could hold a pencil. Fiction is her passion, and she looks forward to writing more books in the near future. 

ISBN: 978-1-61885-516-9
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Word Count: 51000

Excerpt 1


Despite her struggles, he held and licked her neck. A quiver shimmed her body before the sharpest, most unbearable pain she’d ever experienced swept through her. The first man clamped a hand over her mouth to muffle her screams. Vampire canines ripped through her flesh and tore into her jugular vein. The man sucked, feeding from the gushing blood. With one hand holding her against the wall and the other by the hair, she couldn’t move. Faint and her already blurred vision worsening, her body loosened in the man’s grip. The first man let go of her mouth. She was too weak to scream and could only watch helplessly.

“Hey, buddy, leave some for me, would ya?”

The second man eased her limp body to the ground. “Your turn. I’ve had my fill. I need to get the stuff from my car. I’ll be right back. Drink as much as you can. She’s very tasty, and just the right amount of salt.” He slipped off the spent condom, tied it off, and held it while he redid his pants. “Thanks for calling me. She was an excellent choice.”

The first vampire covered the puncture wounds with his mouth and sucked fervently, while the second strode quickly to his car. Missy could barely see by then. Everything looked dark and fuzzy. She had no idea what was happening but knew death was close, and could only hope these vampires were going to offer her blood and turn her. That has to be better than dying, right?

The men grabbed her, one by her feet, the other by her shoulders, and lay her flat on the pavement. This is it. This is where they turn me into their bride. Her eyes fluttered. She gasped as she saw the second man raising his arm above his head, thinking he would smash her face. She closed her eyes and did her best to brace for the impact.

Excerpt 2

Sheila grabbed the phone and called the number the news show posted. "I need to speak to Detective Gainer immediately please. My daughter went to that club, Blood Moon, and she didn’t come home last night. Her best friend said she left with a strange man. Her cell phone is going straight to voice mail. We need help right away." The receptionist placed Sheila on a brief hold.

"This is Detective Gainer," a gruff voice stated. "How may I help you, ma'am?"

"My name is Sheila Pettrucelli. My daughter went to the club Blood Moon last night, but she never came home. Her best friend said Anya left with a strange man.” Sheila wailed into the phone. "We saw the report about the body on the news and are worried it might be her. What should we do?"

"I'll send a car for you now, Mrs. Pettrucelli, and have you come to the station so we can discuss this. We'll gather all the information you have and issue a bulletin right away. Do you have a recent picture of your daughter?"

"Yes, sir, we do. We'll look for the car and be ready. Thank you for taking this seriously so quickly. I know the normal procedure is to wait twenty-four to forty-eight hours before filing a missing person's report, but this is completely unlike Anya. She’s a very responsible young lady."

"It's no problem, ma'am. Given the recent news, you did the right thing to call us. We'll sort this all out and find your daughter."

The car arrived shortly and escorted the Pettrucellis to the precinct. A uniformed officer showed them into an office, where Vance stood up and offered his hand to them.

"Detective Vance Gainer, folks. I'm sorry we're meeting under the current circumstances." He motioned for them to sit in the chairs provided. "May I have the picture of your daughter?"

"This is Anya." Sheila extended several photographs. "She's twenty-two. She left last night wearing a short green dress and black heels. She had on her favorite jewelry—sterling silver with malachite stones, necklace with a pendant, a bracelet, and dangling earrings." She stifled a sob. “They matched her eyes.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Pettrucelli. That is a great deal of information you’ve given me. Most parents these days wouldn't even notice what their kids wore when they went out," Vance reassured her. "Too many families lose track of each other in their daily lives, and the amount of information you've provided shows me your family is close. That's a huge help, thank you." He scrawled some notes on a legal pad on his desk, glancing again at the photos of Anya. What a beautiful girl. "What time did the girls head out last night?"

"Anya came down from her room and said goodnight to us before she left about eight-thirty," Sheila said.

"That's helpful." Vance picked up the phone. "Would you come here please? I need to have bulletins made up immediately. Thank you." He put the receiver back down and focused his attention back on the parents. "I'm going to use one of these pictures to issue bulletins for Anya. We'll have the news run the story every hour until we start getting some leads to follow and then on the regular news shows. I can tell you the body we found isn’t dressed matching the description you’ve given me, so there's a very good chance there’s a reasonable explanation as to where she is.” He paused to hand off a picture to his assistant. “I know this is going to be hard, but you have to stay home by the phone in case there's any contact from her."


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