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Who is Celia?


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Alex breaks his number one professional rule: never fall for your models. When he attends a life drawing class, he is overwhelmingly drawn to Celia.

Celia is equally attracted to her artist. But she has a secret. Nobody knows her true identity.

Alex’s emotions are further thrown into chaos when he meets, and falls for Melissa, the beautiful journalist.

But Melissa also has a secret…

Author Name: Elizabeth Garnette
Author Bio


Elizabeth Garnette lives and writes in the stunningly beautiful Bellinger Valley on north coast N.S.W. Australia.

She is an internationally published freelance writer, has written and illustrated children’s books and is a published poet. Her award winning short story Yes Please was published in the Stringybark Erotic Fiction Anthology 2011. Currently Elizabeth is completing a Women’s Fiction novel.

ISBN: 978-1-61885-502-2
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Word Count: 8228


Celia’s shoulder brushed against Alex’s back as she walked past him in the studio doorway.

His nostrils caught the scent of spices—cinnamon, cloves maybe.

“Thanks for staying, Celia,” Alex said, as he attached a rough drawing to his easel. “I’ll pay you, of course.”

“Of course.” She loosened her robe, and sat on the swing.                      

Alex walked toward her, his movements as fluid and relaxed as his drawings. He made no sound as he traversed the space between his easel and the platform.

He stood in front of Celia, twisting a pencil between his fingers. He was fascinated with Celia’s bright blue eyes, which contrasted with her ebony hair. He wanted to look closely into her eyes, see the irises dancing as the light changed. He wanted to outline the perfect shape of her lids, her brows, and lashes, with his fingertips.

The robe slipped off Celia's shoulders as she stood.

Alex tried to put aside his chaotic feelings, and returned to the easel. Perspiration beaded on his forehead. “Do you mind if we re-do the pose sitting on the swing?”

“No, that's fine. Facing which way?”

“Um, your back to me please.”

Alex wanted to join her on the swing, take her face in his hands, bury himself in her breasts, and taste them. He wanted to brush his fingers down her abdomen, and explore her body further.

“Won't be a moment, Celia, just need a sip of water.” His erection pushed against his jeans.

“Shit,” he mumbled, as he entered the studio’s small kitchen.

Susie’s approach put an end to his lustful thoughts.

“How's it going? Would you like to share some lunch with me, Alex? I’d love to have a chat, catch up, and make a time for you to meet some of the other local artists. It’s a really vibrant community here. And do you like swimming? I can tell you the best spots to swim,” Susie rattled on.

Alex could almost see her mind turning somersaults.

“Thanks Susie, but I need to be gone by two, and I want to finish these drawings,” he bluntly replied.

“A quick sandwich?”

“Thanks, but I really want to finish this, then I have to dash.”

“Okay then…”

Alex returned to his easel, and focused on the drawing in front of him, not his longing for Celia. 

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