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Jena lost her sight at sixteen, saving her friend’s younger brother and his puppy.  She’s done her best to adapt, but after losing her long time lover her friend, Beth insists she try cyber hook-up site.  She’s faced a lot of adversity, but she’s not sure if she has the courage to go through with a single night of no regrets sex.

Peter suffered disfigurement during combat in Iraq.  He lost his good looks and the woman he loved.  Everything he wanted for himself was gone the moment his bandages are removed.  Feeling lonely and depressed he decides to use the Sexual Encounters site to find a partner for just one night.  The site claims to have the most advanced system of matching couples in cyberspace, but he’s skeptical.

After years of feeling like a monster, one night in Jena’s arms makes him feel like a man again.  When the sun rises, he’s not sure if he can let her go.  Can two wounded heroes heal each other’s hearts?

Author Name: Ashlynn Monroe
Author Bio
ISBN: 978-1-61885-552-7
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Word Count: 7716

 Her hand still ran lightly up and down his shaft and she smoothed the drop of moisture she felt on the tip down the head. She felt him shudder under her touch, and the thrill she got from feeling that shudder made Jena feel incredibly sexy.

"I’d like you to go lay on the bed darlin’. I want to touch you—taste you." 

She made her way carefully to the bed and lay down. The mattress dipped as he got in and lay down beside her. His fingers began at her collarbone and she felt his gentle touch swirling over her skin. 

"Mmm, so soft," he observed huskily. 

His fingers found the rise of her breast and then he palmed them. Pete squeezed the first one lightly before he trailed his fingers over her nipple. She felt him pinching and tweaking and she gasped. His touch was warm and real. She relished the sensation of desire curling in her belly as his mouth found the other nipple and he drew in between his lips. He sucked hard and she arched her back in response. The sensitive peak responded to his ministrations by sending arrows of excitement through her womb, and she realized she’d never been this hot for a man before. Something about this encounter was almost spiritual. She felt his need for connection and it called out to her own loneliness. 
He moved his mouth to the other breast and the cool air made her wet nipple tighten even further. His hand covered the wet breast, and the gentle squeezing contrasted with the sensation of his mouth drawing on the other. She rubbed her legs together, needing his touch on her pussy, but he remained content to enjoy her breasts for the moment. Her arms wrapped around him and she stroked his neck and shoulders tenderly. 

He began kissing a trail down her stomach. His tongue swirled in her belly button and she gasped. Every inch of her skin felt erogenous and she relished his every caress. When he kissed Touch 23 
the nest of hair on her mound, Jena whimpered. He was so close to where she wanted him to be. Just a little lower. "Please," she managed to moan out. 

Pete chuckled. "What do you want Jena? Tell me. I want to hear you say the words," he ordered. 

"I want you lips on my pussy. Please," she said, feeling a little wrong for actually saying the words aloud. 

"What do you want my lips to do darlin’?" 

"I want you to lick me," She whispered.

He kissed her mound again, pressing a long reverent kiss against it. "I’m going to eat your pussy. I’m going to suck on your little clit just as I did on those pretty nipples. I’m going to stick my fingers in your cunt until you scream. Tell me and I’ll do it. Say the words." 

His voice was the sexiest thing she’d ever heard as he detailed what he wanted to do to her. She pressed her lips together. Her pussy physically ached for him to fulfill his promise. 

"Please," she begged. 

"I’ll please you plenty darlin’. Just say the words." 

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