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Tracey Fischer

Historical Romance

Heat Level 3


Oldest son, John Drake II, comes home from War World II with a foreign bride from France, much to his family and old girlfriend, Vivian Reynolds’, dismay. Not wanting to follow in the family business of publishing he tries to go out on his own as a politician. His sister Sarah wants his job but cannot get their father John Drake, senior to look at her.

John’s sister Sarah is happy that her brother does not want to take his place at their father’s side-she has been his right hand ever since the war started and intends to stay there.


*** This story is now complete ***

Author Name: Tracey Fischer
Author Bio

I've lived in Reston, VA, all my life. I live with my future husband (hopefully) Jerry, 3 wonderful
children (cats) Paige, Toby & Bella and until recently had my younger brother living in our dining
room. I've always wanted to be a writer ever since the day in fifth grade I was bored and wrote a
story about my two stuffed monkies, JoJo & BoBo.

Now much older I write romance novels and novellas. I have at least 4 novels and 10 short stories
going at any given time.


Cover Artist: Beth Walker
Formats: PDF

Don't waste your time reading this. I'm reading several installment-type reads on this site; this "book" repeats itself so much that I thought I was losing my mind. VERY poorly written book - typos abound. A main character's name changes from Victoria to Vivien to Vivienne and back again throughout. The plot reads like a cheesy soap opera. It's listed as heat level 3, but I haven't found ANY heat yet. Spare yourself!
Date Added: 05/23/2012 by elaine pool

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