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Sarah, Nathaniel, and Lily resist unconditional love as they feed primal desires.  Not believing the possibility of having it all, they struggle to believe that they, the “least of these”, rightfully deserve a lifetime of love and happiness-- Especially with how graphically and unconventionally they choose to express themselves.

Each of the characters comes to realize how tortured their lives have become.  Violent images, dreams, and actions occur as they spiral downward into their dark lives. As they each reach a personal impasse, they must decide how they will make their lives better.  In the process, they must also mend broken intimate relationships with the ones they love.

This erotic, edgy tale describes and embraces elements of s/M lifestyle.  Their personal proclivities are not condemned.    

If a fish does not have fins, it becomes lifeless and sinks helplessly to the bottom of the water.

Humans are exactly the same way.

Author Name: Davee Jones
Author URL: http://finless.blogspot.com
Author Bio

Davee Jones began a career in the counseling field with her M.Ed. She then diversified and began work for the federal government. The dryness of the day to day assignments fostered the desire for her to do something more creative. Because writing was always a passion, she used every opportunity to journal and create fictional worlds with her words. She began writing short fiction and books, inspired by the events around her. Now avidly writing, in the little spare time she has, she has several other books in progress.

She lives with her husband and children, who inspire her every day to live life to the fullest, with no regrets. She thanks her mother and grandmother for such strong, independent, loving examples of the kind of woman she wants to be. Her favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

ISBN: 978-1-61885-227-4
Word Count: 51133


Sex + Flogging + Fish + Jesus = Finless [Book Review]

Erotic fiction is hot right now, with recent novel Fifty Shades of Greycrossing over to the mainstream via Twitter and the New York Times. Characterized as Romance with explicit sex scenes meant to titillate a mostly female audience, fiction erotica has eased its way into public places like Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, and the park. 

I admit it; I had never read erotic fiction before, unless you count those times as a kid I’d sneak my dad’s Harold Robbins novels and flip to all the sex scenes. In my teens I bypassed Harlequin romances in favor ofV.C. Andrews, and later, preferred works like Lolita over Jackie Collinsor Danielle Steele. So perhaps it was appropriate that I felt like a fish out of water when reading Finless, an erotic romance written by Dallas-based writer, Davee Jones, that promised to “connect fish, BDSM play, spirituality and sexuality...to meld one story of tremendous revelations.” 

I imagine Finless is to S&M what Pretty Woman was to street prostitution: a bubble-gummed-up look at the actual subculture, or whatKatie Roiphe when discussing the genre called a "watered-down, skinny-vanilla-latte version of sado-machosism." In other words, erotica is meant to arouse women just enough to make them want to get it on, but not go so far as to offend them, make them nauseous, or send them shopping for ball gags. 

The plot in a nutsackshell: Girl meets Boy. Boy dominates Girl; they engage in kinky dungeon sex. Meanwhile Boy dominates Girl II; dungeon sex ensues. Not to be one-upped, Girl I meets Boy II; more dungeon sex. The Lord (as in J.C.) makes a few cameos. In the end, the principal characters pair off and live happily ever after while, we're led to believe, continuing (monogamous) kinky dungeon sex and staying intimate with Jesus, though presumably not at the same time. 

While told through multiple points of view, the novel mostly focuses on Sarah (Girl I), who has “long flowing hair the color of warm caramel, liquid sage green eyes, full natural breasts with black cherry colored nipples, athletic legs, and a taut shapely derriere that captured every eye as she walked by.” For about ten pages we see her suffer through growing up Baptist on a farm before finally going off to college, only to indulge in the seedier side of campus life: three paragraphs wherein Sarah gets date-raped, suffers alcoholic black-outs, and has an abortion. 

Luckily, in the fourth paragraph, Sarah pulls it together in time to graduate with a 3.9 and a degree in architectural design and, by paragraph five, lands a cushy job at a fledgling architecture firm. Enter Nathaniel, the steely calculated boss who, two days later, upon texting Sarah with a frank I will own you, becomes the first Dom in Sarah’s life and the one who introduces her to The Lifestyle. 

If it all sounds a bit trite or two-dimensional, that’s because the central metaphor has not yet been explored and it’s Nathaniel who, from a dream, gives us a glimpse of the deeper meaning of the book: 

"…the fish was floating helplessly on the top of the water, blood droplets sinking in small circles away from it. .. More shocking, the fish had no fins and was slowly, helplessly descending to the rocks at the bottom of the tank… As Nathaniel approached, his curiosity turned to horror as he saw the boy holding the fins of the fish. The boy had ripped the fins from the fish and was now staring at them in his cruel grasp… Nathaniel drew in a sharp breath when he realized the face he was staring into was his own boyhood self… ‘Is this what I have done to Lily [Girl 2]—she is now essentially finless?’" 

Besides several more moments of introspection like these, the sex scenes (i.e. what we’re here for) are also handled with literary finesse, lines like, “Without hesitation, he took her from behind, driving his pulsing cock into her waiting center. Over and over he continued his welcomed assault into her tight feminine cave,” and “He was wearing nothing underneath and his rock hard endowment pushed free of the trouser fabric, almost smacking Sarah in the face.” 

As for the Jesus angle, an incongruous Christian message is woven throughout the narrative that gains momentum toward the end when Sarah realizes, “The Lord is real, He resided in that very room, for two of the worst sinners imaginable…He spilled His blood for me….for you, for us.” [author’s emphasis]. 

Unfortunately, in the end, I was left wondering how the hell we went from bondage and rhythmic caning to the Crucifixion, but I suppose such metaphysical questions aren’t meant to be answered, and certainly not in 193 pages of erotica. That said, Finless is probably best read with one hand and little thought.



Nathaniel took the riding crop from the hanging rack on the wall. He slid the leather against her skin and would occasionally lightly smack the stiff shaft of the crop against her bare flesh. She started to melt into the cuffs as the adrenaline high pulsed in her veins. With each stroke of the crop, he used more force until the leather began to leave welts on her exposed skin. These would be lightly bruised areas tomorrow which Lily would wear like a trophy for a few days until they healed.
Nathaniel put the crop back in its place and took control of the bullwhip. He cracked the
whip away from her, generating a loud echo in the basement. She shuddered slightly in delighted anticipation, knowing the whip would be cracking against her bare back and buttocks. Nathaniel walked up to Lily and slid the “popper”—the tip of the whip—evenly against her shoulder blades. “You want this, don’t you, Lily?”
“Yes, Master”, was her soft, yet dogged reply.
Nathaniel walked away from Lily just far enough for the “fall” of the whip to land against
her. Instant angry streaks appeared across her backside as she stood firmly, unmoving, as he wielded the whip’s cracking lash expertly across Lily’s body. Lily began to float in her mind to this place of warmth and contentment-subspace. She never felt such peace of mind as when Nathaniel took control and gave her the physical release no one else ever had.
When he satiated the need to execute his power physically onto Lily, he finished by
unlocking her from the rack and bending her over the dungeon stocks. He bound her hands with straps against her frame, extending her arms with a slight bend in her elbows. Her ass protruded seductively in the air, with enough upward tilt to allow for easy rear access. Without hesitation, he took her from behind, driving his pulsing cock into her waiting center. Over and over he continued his welcomed assault into her tight feminine cave. Maintaining as she reached her own G spot climax, they came together with loud animal grunts, as he gripped her breathlessly.
His release mingled with her sweat and dripped down to the dungeon floor as he turned and walked away up the stairs to clean himself privately in the upstairs bathroom. Lily remained panting, clinching her fists tightly in recovery from their intense physical interchange.
Nathaniel came back downstairs, bringing a warm wet cloth for Lily. Wordlessly, he
unfastened Lily from her restraints. “mmm, once again, you’ve proven a satisfactory servant and now I must take my leave.” He used his cell phone to call a cab while she leisurely showered.
Nathaniel left town without a goodbye. Lily did not even know he was gone. The bruises he inflicted on this meeting were not even yet starting to fade. Lily was still riding the adrenaline high of his painful hands.
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