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Best e-book Publisher - Honorable Mention win!

Best Western/Cowboy - Sandy Sullivan - Two For The Price Of One (Montana Cowboys 3) - Honorable Mention win!

Best BDSM - Cooper McKenzie - Silken Bonds

Best Menage - Jennifer Labelle - Spice It Up - Winner Runner Up Best Menage!

                    Sandy Sullivan - Love Me Once, Love Me Twice Winner Best Menage! 

Best Cover Artist - Beth Walker

                           Dawne Dominique - Honorablel Mention win!

Best Author - Sandy Sullivan

Best Romantic Suspense/Thriller - Carol Preflatish - Saved by the Sheriff - Runner Up win!

Best Cover Art - Two For The Price Of One - Runner Up win!

LRC Best of 2012

Best ebook Publisher - Secret Cravings Publishing - Runner Up win!

Best Book - Jean C. Joachim for The Renovated Heart - Winner!

Best Anthology - The Call of Duty - Honorable Mention win!

LRC Best of 2013

Best ebook Publisher - Secret Cravings Publishing - Winner!

Best Western of 2013 - Sandy Sullivan's Trouble With a Cowboy - Winner!

Best Sci-fi/Fantasy of 2013 - Shannon West's Konnor and His Omega Mate - Runner Up!

Best Young Adult Novel of 2013 - Molly Daniel's Endless Love - Runner Up!

Best Male Character of 2013 - Natasza Water's Thane Austen (Ghost) - Runner Up!

Best Cowboy in a Book - Tamara Hoffa's Chase in Chasing Love - Runner Up!

3rd Place win for Best Cover Art Affair de Coeur - Susan Eileen Walker - The Magic of Dragonfly  



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