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Special Submissions

New line of romance ~ Special Love

This new line of romance will feature the hero or heroine with a disability. They can be military hurt in combat and now need a wheelchair, someone with a spinal cord injury, someone with hearing loss, blind, etc.

Length - At least 5k

Heat rating - open

Genres - open

Send your submission to submissions@secretcravingspublishing.com


Weekend Getaways

Secret Cravings Publishing is taking submissions of short stories of up to 5k - 10k words for a onetime payment of $50-$100 depending on the length of the manuscript.

Any genre

Steamy to Burn the page erotic stories wanted.

These stories will be released individually with their own cover. One each Saturday of the month.

Submissions will be ongoing—no deadline.

Normal no-no's apply including: rape, scat, golden showers, etc. Check our general submission guidelines for things we do not take.

Send submissions to submissions@secretcravingspublishing.com


Ropin' Love on the Silver Spur

Brand new series from Secret Cravings Publishing, Ropin' Love on the Silver Spur is now taking submissions for this exclusive series. All stories should contain a pivotal scene with someone from the ranch otherwise your story can take place anywhere you'd like. All stories need to be at least 50k and will go to print. The characters below are spoken for and you'll have the first rights to any secondary characters you develop into your plot line. If you want to give up control of any of them, you can do so if you choose.


Silver Spur Dude Ranch – Sweet Home Texas

Series – Ropin' Love on the Silver Spur

10,000 acre working cattle ranch with 20 individual cabins that are rented out by the week. They sponsor a rodeo in August of every year and thousands of people come into town for this event. Stories can take place in town and you can build a business around something in town as well.

Garrett - owner - guest services (60, black hair with gray at the temples, 6'4", handsome, hazel eyes, little bit of a gut over his belt buckle, but fairly fit)

Susan - owner - cook and love life counselor (60, strawberry blonde, 5'11", blue eyes, curvy shape, rounded cheeks)

Garrett and Susan's Children:

Mike - accountant for the ranch (32, dark brown hair, brown eyes, 6'2", still does some physical work but keeps the ranch books)

Luke - country music star (30, lighter brown hair, hazel eyes, 6'3", works out when he'd not on the ranch herding cattle and working the horses)

Jared - Ranch Foreman (29, blond, blue eyed, 6'4", hard body from the physical work, fun loving, nice humor but serious when it comes to ranch work, jokester)

Melissa - Hairdresser has her own shop on the ranch for guests and people from town (27, petite, 5'5", strawberry blond, blue eyes, curvy figure, a little self-conscious)

Nora - Guest services - activities director (25, 5'8", bubbly, bouncing personality, great with kids, brown hair with red highlights, trim figure, swimmer, brown eyes)

Rena - cowgirl to the core. Herds cattle and works with Jared (23, harder personality from wanting to be one of the hands but treated like a girl, blonde, blue eyed, 5'11", thin, but well muscled

First story to be released 8/3/12 with one every two weeks afterwards. Total of 20 stories in all. Once those slots are filled, there will be one final pivotal storyline.

Send submissions to: submissions@secretcravingspublishing.com

Please make sure your name and contact information in on your manuscript before submitting.

***Home For The Holidays***
~~Call for Submissions~~

Special visitor for the holiday season?

Who was kissing under the mistletoe?

Secret and Sweet Cravings is looking for your holiday stories

minimum 10k, all sub-genres of romance accepted, all heat levels

**DEADLINE September 1, 2014 for release from Mid-November through Mid-December**

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